gambling commission outpacedAccording to a government report, the UK Gambling Commission outpaced by gambling firms. As a result, the regulator is struggling to protect people from the dangers of gambling. The announcement came from the National Audit Office.

The government auditor monitors the effectiveness of public agencies. According to its report, the gambling regulator hadn’t adjusted to technological changes, such as the increased use of mobile and online gambling.

Lack of funding limited the Gambling Commission, which has a yearly budget of £19 million. However, it regulates an industry that earned £11.3 billion in 2019. Some factors that limited the effectiveness of the commission include a lack of evidence on how new technology affects consumers and lack of funding.

Gambling Commission Outpaced

The National Audit Office told Global Gambling News that the regulator couldn’t adequately protect consumers from the harms and risks of gambling with its current status. The result came after the government promised to review the 2005 Gambling Act.

Spanish Online Gambling Ads Under FireUnidos Podemos, the left-wing party, brought the issue of Spanish online gambling ads in the spotlight once again. They said that ads were harming young folks and led to an increase in gambling addiction in the country.

The party teamed up with the Socialist Party to change rules regarding gambling advertisements. It could affect the gambling industry, which is flourishing at present. According to sports betting software platform providers, online gambling and sports betting earned all-time highs in revenue this year.

Also, lottery games and video terminals are gaining new players due to Spaniard’s new-found interest in gambling products. However, not everyone is pleased with the latest developments. More notably, consumer protection minister Alberto Garzon said that new regulation is needed to prevent the increase of addiction across the country.

Calls for Reduction of Spanish Online Gambling Ads

Garzon wants new regulations that are like how the government taxes tobacco. He said that the country needs to regulate the gambling sector because it impacts the health of the citizens. Also, the government is considering a ban on specific ad policies that provide incentives for people who place wagers. Thus, they want to ban free bets for new customers.

Super Bowl In-Game Betting – Future of Sports BettingMany people have already placed their bets before Sunday’s big event. However, some people will be doing Super Bowl in-game betting. That’s when players bet on the game while it is on-going.Live in-Game betting has been around for quite some time in the sports betting industry.  However, it's popularity has just recently grown to a point where all sportsbooks are adding it as a sports betting option.

Later this year, something unprecedented will take place. Players can bet on the game in the stands as the Las Vegas Raiders play in their maiden season in the NFL. Anyone in the vicinity can bet on the game using the PlayMGM app. An example of a prop bet is whether RB Josh Jacobs achieves a 40-yard run or not.

In-game betting is common in Europe for tennis and soccer. In recent months, it has gained traction in the US. Odds change during the Super Bowl. Also, a sportsbook pay per head can provide a wide range of betting options as the game plays out.

In this article, we will go over the most popular live betting options and how to bet correctly on them.

alabama gambling study groupGovernor Kay Ivey created the Alabama gambling study group to investigate the impact of expanded gaming in the state. It has until December 31 to release its report on the topic. Thus, the deadline reduces the chances of including a lottery proposal on the November ballot.

The study group has 12 members and headed by Todd Strange, former mayor of Montgomery. The report will address several issues, including expenses of allowing gambling and revenue from the industry.

In her State of the State address, Ivey said that she wanted to get actual figures on gambling expansion before approving it. She wants to get the facts first before deciding on the topic. Also, she wants to ensure that the decision is for the best interest of the residents.

pennsylvania sports bettingPennsylvania sports betting market has shown that high tax rates might not be an obstacle in a growing industry. It performed better than what some industry observers predicted. In December 2019, it got a record handle of more than $342 million. Also, it reached $1.5 billion in bets for the entire year, with $1.1 billion coming from online wagers.

PlayPennsylvania told sportsbook reviews and news reporters that they expect the handle to double in 2020. It will be a full year of online sports betting in the state, which will provide more opportunities to grow.

In December, Pennsylvania sportsbooks got $343 million in bets, which was up 8.2 percent from $317 million. Pay per head bookie sources learned that 87 percent of the handles came from online bookies. Also, online wagers brought in $18 million in revenue, which was down from $21 million in November. As a result, it brought $4 million in taxes.