australia continent destination 68704In the latest gambling news down under, Australia-based gambling firm Tabcorp has announced their new partnership with the NBA. This is the second gambling entertainment firm the NBA has partnered with in this month alone. The NBA continues to take strides in embracing the sports betting industry with extending partnerships to international companies. They are, after all, the first US professional sports leagues to sign a deal with a gambling company.

The best pay per head bookie providers enjoy an international betting market. Aside from offering a lot more sports leagues and events, bookies can also earn more from having more players. For instance, the NBA is very popular around the world, and the UEFA also has a huge following in Asia. By intorducing major US sports leagues in foreign markets, sportsbooks can increase revenues from an exisiting player base, and attract new bettors as well. Expands its Operations with a New Office in the PhilippinesSan Jose, Costa Rica – Sports Betting Software Development company is expanding its operations by opening a new office in the Philippines. The new offices will be a satellite office in Bonifacio Global City and will be known as Price Per Player Asia.

Ever since the acquisition of, the company has seen a high influx of clients in the Asian Gambling Market. According to their 2019 annual report, their Asian customer base has increased by 35% over the previous year. Thus, the decision to expand their holdings in the Philippines was the next logical step for the company’s growth.

The new office in BGC will allow the company to keep up with the growing demand for their sportsbook pay per head services in Asia. At the moment, they are currently in the process of hiring additional support staff for their expansion.

Rutter’s Introduces Digital Gambling Terminal at York County StoreRutter’s announced the installation of a digital gambling terminal at its York County store. Aside from gasoline and milk, residents will have another reason to visit the store. The chain plans to open ten more terminals this year.

Rutter’s evolved its business model throughout the years. It started from a dairy company and turned into a convenience store. It used to offer sodas and smokes and then turned into a fuel and food company.

The company listens to its customers. As a result, they know what the latter wants. Installing a digital gambling terminal is an example of their progressive business model. In the next couple of months, the chain’s stores in West Manchester, Duncansville, and Port Royal will have a video gambling machine.

Chinese Nationals Left Cambodia after Online Gambling BanThe Cambodian Ministry of Interior estimated that around 120,000 Chinese nationals left Cambodia after the government issued an online gambling ban. Since the implementation of the ban, around 6,000 Chinese nationals were leaving the country daily.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen issued the online gambling ban two weeks ago. He ordered his administration to stop issuing online gambling licenses. Also, the government will not create new gambling policies.

Prime Minister Hun Sen told the best bookie pay per head that some foreign criminals use online gambling to extort and cheat money from victims, both local and overseas. As a result, the country’s public order, security, and social order were affected.

Pennsylvania Launches Gambling Self-Exclusion ProgramMobile sports betting is rolling out in Pennsylvania soon. Before its formal launch, the Keystone State launched a gambling self-exclusion program. As a result, residents can exclude themselves from being able to access mobile sports betting sites and apps.

The initiative is made from people with gambling problems. Also, it is a tool for people who have a moral objection to gambling. The iGaming Self-Exclusion Program is similar to the state’s gambling self-exclusion program for land-based casinos. However, the two programs are independent of each other. In theory, a person can be on one list but not on the other.

People who are part of the land-based self-exclusion list need to enroll in the new online list. It is a voluntary program, which means only individuals themselves can register for it. In fact, people need to register at the Gaming Control Board Office in person. They can’t do it via mail.