Steelers Drafted Joey Porter Jr, 24 Years After They Drafted His Father

Steelers Drafted Joey Porter Jr, 24 Years After They Drafted His FatherIt was a momentous milestone for Joey Porter Jr after the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted him in the second round of the NFL Draft. The Steelers also picked his father 24 years ago.

While playing for Penn State, Porter Jr impressed football fans for his defensive capabilities. According to the best bookie software, Porter Sr played for the Steelers for eight years. Also, he was part of the 2005 Super Bowl roster. In addition, he was a four-time Pro Bowler. He played for Mike Tomlin for five years.

According to PPH bookie reports, he understands what his father did. Thus, he understands his legacy. He will try to add to his family legacy. Also, he knows there will be ups and downs. However, he is ready for it.

Steelers Drafted Joey Porter Jr

Porter Jr has shown himself this year, as he has given up no touchdowns and only one play of 15 yards or more to the opposition (as measured by Pro Football Focus).

Meanwhile, he made 114 tackles, blocked 21 passes, and picked off a pass in 35 games over his four years at Penn State.

According to sports betting news reports, Porter Jr said he watched the draft with his parents and drove to the Steelers’ training facility for his news conference when he was not selected in the first round.

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