Illinois Sports Betting Market Continues to Grow

Illinois Sports Betting Market Continues to Grow

Last updated on October 23rd, 2021 at 06:09 pm

With the ongoing National Football League season and Major League Baseball underway, people in Illinois have plenty of sports wagering opportunities. As a result, the Illinois sports betting market continued to grow.

The state’s sports wagering handle has positioned in the best three, with New Jersey and Nevada in every one of the last seven month-to-month reports delivered by the Illinois Gaming Board.

With sports wagering becoming legitimate in Illinois in March 2020, the following are a couple of things to think about sports betting in the state.

In August, Illinois’ games wagering handle was $400 million, which followed just New Jersey with $665 million and Nevada with $427 million. With the income information from August being delivered for this month, the almost $400 million bets was an 8.5 percent increase from the state’s July handle of $369 million, as per the Sports Betting Software Platform report.

Illinois Sports Betting Market

Illinois Sports Betting Market Continues to GrowIn any case, there are nine months where Illinois recorded a bigger handle than it did in August.

According to sportsbook pay per head reports, the state recorded somewhere in the range of $435 million and $634 million in bets every month from June to October. The $634 million handle was in March 2021 when basketball bets for that month finished off $6.95 million. During that time, the NBA started the second half of its season. Also, March Madness returned following the earlier year’s cancelation of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament due to the pandemic. Thus, it was the ideal time to read the guide to match betting.

February 2021 is whenever Illinois’ first games wagering handle broke into the best three with Nevada and New Jersey. Regardless of being the remainder of the three states to sanction sports wagering, it has stayed in the best three from that point forward. The state’s month-to-month handle completed second to New Jersey in April and May and second to Nevada in March. Pay Per Head Solutions