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When you have your own pay per head sportsbook, your goal is to turn a steady profit. While you may start out doing this as a hobby, or as a side job, a lot of bookies actually do this full-time. And if you rely on your sportsbook financially, then you need the best bookie software to help you manage your operations.


Your short-term goal should be to have enough cash flow on a weekly basis. Your first goal is to ensure that you have enough money to cover the wagers- particularly winning bets. Ideally, what you get from losing bets will pay for this. But in the off chance that you can’t, then you should have some money in reserve.

Gambling Firm GVC Achieves Double-Digit Online GrowthGambling firm GVC posted double-digit growth for its online business in the first quarter. It managed to offset the slow growth of its retail business. In its first-quarter financial report, the firm reported an 18 percent increase in its online net gaming revenue.

On the other hand, revenues from its UK retail shops remained flat for the first three months of the fiscal year. The company became one of the biggest gambling firms after acquiring Ladbrokes Coral in 2018.

However, the price of its shares continues to drop due to tighter regulation in the UK. In addition, the company had to lower the maximum bet allowed on its fixed-odds betting sites. The new rule started last week.

New Jersey Online Gambling Revenue Streak EndsNew Jersey online gambling revenue failed to achieve another record in February. According to the latest New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement report, online poker had a good month. In fact, its numbers improved year-on-year.

Online gambling operators in NJ earned $31.75 in February. Although it was a 44.4 percent increase over the same month in 2018, it was $2 million below the previous month’s revenue. Gambling news reporters noted that February had three fewer days than January.

Contributors to New Jersey Online Gambling Revenue

Online casinos in the state had a strong showing in February. Their revenue was up 48.1 percent to $30 million. However, their revenue in January had a better year-on-year gain at 58.5 percent. Sportsbook pay per head experts expect the numbers to improve throughout the year.

Guam Senators Pass Liberation Day Carnival Gambling BillGuam senators passed a bill Friday morning that will allow mayors to create their own rules for gambling during the 75th Liberation Day carnival. If the Liberation Day Carnival Gambling Bill becomes law, gambling will be legal during the festival celebrations.

Some of the popular games during Liberation Day include baccarat, monte, poker, blackjack, pusoy, beto beto, bingo, and big and small. Sportsbook pay per head is not included in the bill. The Senate passed the bill with a vote of 8 to 5. Three senators were absent from the voting.

The main author of the Liberation Day Carnival Gambling Bill is Senator Jim Moylan. He told sportsbook pay per head software experts that the bill will allow the games of chance to operate only during the carnival. Also, most mayors want to allow games of chance.

Maryland Sports Betting Bill Gains SupportAfter the Supreme Court made sports betting legal across the US, every state is trying to cash in on their share of the pot. One of the legislation that’s gaining traction is Maryland’s HB 1132. Also known as the Maryland sports betting bill, its goal is to regulate the activity in the state.

House Bill 1132 will authorize the State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency to oversee sports betting. It will not require a referendum to legalize the activity in the state. In 2018, advocates failed to place it on the ballot. Their next chance will be in 2020.

However, there’s no need for a referendum anymore with HB 1132. Representatives Kevin Hornberger and Jason Buckle told gambling news reporters that the agency already got its powers through a 1972 referendum. In addition, they said that it is not a gambling expansion but clarifying the responsibilities of the agency.