Things To Know Before Becoming a Bookie

Last updated on March 31st, 2020 at 08:55 pm

Things To Know Before Becoming a BookieBecoming a Bookie is made easier by sportsbook pay per head services. While these services are providing more value to your sportsbook, you still need to actively manage your books. An online management system makes it handy for bookies, but increased efficiency means that the bookie will still work out the fundamentals in your sportsbook.

There are a lot of resources online, such as How To Be a Bookie for Dummies, that will teach you’re the basics of becoming a bookie. But before that, there are a few steps you can take prior to starting your operations that will enable you to be a successful bookie.

First, you need to make the time, Being a bookie is not just letting an app or a website operator and do everything for you. You will need to dedicate hours in a week to fix and modify your lines, monitor your players, arrange for payouts, and some time to focus on marketing to expand your player base. Do not consider being a bookie as a side job you can do in a couple of hours. The larger your operation, the more time you need to work so you can fine-tune your sportsbook and improve your income.

How to Become a Bookie with a Pay Per Head Service

Second, you need to come up with a solid plan and stick to it. This means setting a budget to cover your action on a per week basis, and figuring out how long you plan on operating. an industry standard practice is to have enough money to cover the action for at least one football season.

Ensure that your timeline is in sync with major sporting events. You don’t want to be using your money to float your books on a slow period. Try opening one a month or two before NFL season starts. Or look into the NBA or the MLB, whichever you think your players will be betting on.

Lastly, get the help of industry experts. Read through available material related to sportsbooks, and make sure that the sportsbook pay per head service you get has an established reputation. Usually, a sportsbook pay per head service has a whole team of industry, tech, and customer service people who can help you manage your books.