West Virginia SSAC Sets May 6 Opening for Spring Sports

West Virginia SSAC Sets May 6 Opening for Spring Sports

Last updated on April 13th, 2020 at 03:18 pm

west viriginia ssacAlthough Ohio canceled the 2019-2020 winter sports season, the West Virginia SSAC is hoping that it can finish the boys’ and girls’ state basketball championships. Also, it hopes to play a shortened season for spring sports.

Bernie Dolan, executive director of the West Virginia SSAC, told pay per head news sites that the window might be tight, but they will try to make it. The earliest tournaments will be early May because schools are set to reopen on April 20.

If sports start on April 20, there’s enough time to complete the basketball tournament. However, the window will be tight, and there’s no room for any more delays. If sports start after the 20th, they will cancel all sports events for the rest of the year.

West Virginia SSAC Tight Schedule

West Virginia schools need a 14-day practice period once they reopen. That means the first games would be played on May 6. Dolan told bookie pay per head reporters that they thought of relaxing the rules. However, athletes need additional practice time due to the closure of the schools.

The board of directors will ensure all student-athletes get back into competition shape before the start of the tournaments. If schools reopen on April 21, the students were already out of school for one month.

As a result, it would be hard to relax the rule on reconditioning. However, the reopening time of the schools is still undecided because authorities still need to determine the health situation at that time.

Based on sportsbook pay per head sources, it would not be the first-time sports finish in the middle of June in the state. In June 1994, a state track meet was late due to a measles outbreak. A student broke out with the disease and exposed everyone to it during the event.