Governor Supports Massachusetts Sports Betting Legislation

Governor Supports Massachusetts Sports Betting Legislation

Governor Charlie Baker supports the Massachusetts sports betting legislation. He said that the activity could generate revenue for the state in time of a pandemic. He said that legalizing sports betting will help prevent more budget cuts.

The governor’s administration filed legislation to allow wagering on sports by adults over the age of 21 years old at casinos and through mobile apps. Baker said that he wants to give residents the ability to wager on sports within the state instead of going elsewhere. He was talking about Rhode Island and New Hampshire, which have legal sports betting.

Based on sports betting software platform reports, Baker believes that many people are interested in betting on sports in Massachusetts. That’s why he wants to allow sports wagering in the state to stop cross-border issues.

Massachusetts Sports Betting Legislation

Governor Supports Massachusetts Sports Betting LegislationThe end of the legislative session in Massachusetts is near. Lawmakers are still discussing ways to improve the state’s economic recovery. Supporters of the sports betting legalization said that it would provide modest relief to casino operators, professional sports teams, and other firms affected by the coronavirus.

Professional leagues and teams support mobile sports betting. Their revenues dropped, and many organizations are looking for ways to supplement their profits. Although becoming a bookie by themselves is out of the question, income from sports betting will help teams.

House Majority Leader Ronald Mariano leads a special committee that’s looking into ways to expand job initiatives, new policies, and partnerships that can stimulate the state’s economy. Some lawmakers suggest adding legalizing sports wagering into the economic development proposal.

Lawmakers released a bill in March that would allow people over the age of 21 years old to place wagers at casinos, live horse tracks, and slot parlors. Also, the bill will enable sports betting on mobile apps. They named the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to supervise the industry. That means you need to go through the commission to start a bookie business at home.

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