Nevada Gambling Revenue Hit $1.37 Billion in November

Nevada Gambling Revenue Hit $1.37 Billion in November

Last updated on December 30th, 2023 at 11:03 am

Nevada gambling revenue achieved a historic high in November. According to the latest Gaming Control Board report, the total revenue reached $1.37 billion. Thus, it was a 12.56 percent increase year-over-year.

Revenue from gaming reached $3.96 billion in the three months preceding November, up 5.56%, and $15.4 billion in the twelve months ending in November, up 4.93%.

When looking at the numbers broken down by area, Clark County rose 14.43% in November revenue, hitting $1.2 billion from venues with $1 million or more in sales. According to bookie software experts, Clark County’s overall gaming win for the month was $1.2 billion, an increase of 14.34% across all nonrestricted facilities.

According to bookie pay per head reports, those in the highest income levels were not the only ones to succeed. A win sum of $11.1 million was recorded in the Carson Valley Area, which includes nonrestricted venues, representing a 9.21% increase in November. Gaming income in the area had little ups and downs throughout a three-month and twelve-month timeframe.

Nevada Gambling Revenue

Nevada Gambling Revenue Hit $1.37 Billion in NovemberThe Formula 1 event that took place at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas in November was the main reason for the success of that month. Celebrity backers such as Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce attended the event, which generated interest in the BWT Alpine F1 Race Team. The Venetian got a good view of the track thanks to its prime location on the Strip.

According to sportsbook pay per head reports, the gaming revenue total for November allowed Nevada casinos to maintain various streaks. The state’s gaming revenue streak of at least $1 billion reaches 33 straight months in November 2023.

Also, the overall gaming income for the year reached a new record for five consecutive months, beginning with November. A news statement from the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) states that November 2023 was marginally higher than the previous record set in November 2021.

Because of that run, the gains that Nevada’s casinos have seen this fiscal year are approaching statistical significance. That is due, in part, to the fact that sportsbooks had a rough November 2023. Their victory in November 2023 was an 8.1% improvement over their victory in November 2022. The state did a fantastic job in November, but the Strip crushed it.

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