New NSW Panel to Supervise Cashless Gaming Trial

New NSW Panel to Supervise Cashless Gaming Trial

Last updated on July 15th, 2023 at 09:20 am

Growing concerns exist about the impact of gambling harm and problem gambling in New South Wales, Australia. As a result, lawmakers promised to make changes to the gambling industry. It is part of the promises made during the election campaigns. Also, the Labor Party plans to launch a cashless gaming trial.

As part of the plan, lawmakers created a new panel to supervise the trial. According to a PPH bookie provider, Michael Foggo, a gambling industry insider. Also, he was a former commission of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing.

According to Sportsbook PPH sources, the new panel will have sixteen members. Also, it will have four members with experience in handling gambling harm reduction. Four members of the panel will come from the gambling industry. In addition, two members are part of the academic’s sector, one from the NSW police, one from the United Workers Union, and one cybersecurity expert.

Cashless Gaming Trial in NSW

New NSW Panel to Supervise Cashless Gaming TrialAccording to the latest gambling news reports, Foggo will join the other two members of the executive committee who are not panelists. Niall Blair, a former deputy leader for the NSW Nationals, and Ursula Stephens, a former Labor senator, will both serve as independent executive committee members.

During the 12-month cashless gaming experiment, the newly established panel will likely play a pivotal role. The members of this group will also play a leading role in designing and launching the experiment. When the trial of cashless gaming is complete, the panel will report its results to the appropriate authorities.

The trial of cashless gambling in NSW will begin within the next few months after forming a new panel.

The remaining members of the new panel will be appointed by NSW Premier Chris Minns shortly. Meanwhile, the premier has chosen November 2024 as the end date for the trial run of cashless gaming. Before then, the panel must present the trial’s results and create an evidence-based roadmap that anticipates changes in the gaming industry.

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