Mariners Came from Behind to Sweep the Blue Jays, Advanced to ALDS

Mariners Came from Behind to Sweep the Blue Jays, Advanced to ALDS

Postseason baseball returns to Seattle after 21 years of absence. Also, the Mariners came from behind to achieve it. According to bookie pay per head reports, it was a historic comeback that led to a sweep of the Wild Card series against Toronto Blue Jays.

The Mariners came back from a seven-run deficit. They are the seventh team in MLB postseason history to achieve the feat. Also, the winning run came in the ninth inning, making it a dramatic 10-9 come-from-behind victory.

Next Saturday, the Mariners return to Seattle to play against the Astros in Game 3 of the ALDS. It would be the first playoff game at T-Mobile Park since October 18, 2001. Since then, the team was not good enough to qualify for the postseason. According to sources, the team had terrible trades, signings, and managerial hires that led to its downfall.

Mariners Came from Behind to Sweep the Blue Jays

Mariners Came from Behind to Sweep the Blue Jays, Advanced to ALDSThe Mariners, however, came back this season and won 90 games to earn a postseason berth in Major League Baseball. They would have been eligible as a second wild card in the previous system, thanks to their No. 5 seed. They also got to go to Toronto, a baseball-crazed city where the Blue Jays are performing well.

The Mariners promptly neutralized the opposition for Friday night’s opening game by scoring three runs in the bottom of the first. Then, following former Blue Jay Robbie Ray’s catastrophic return, the Mariners found themselves down 8-1 through five innings. Ray, the team’s $115 million signing, had allowed two colossal home runs to Teoscar Hernandez.

Sunday’s Game 3 at the Rogers Centre was the deciding game. But then, the 2022 Mariners came back, and that was that.

Right-handed hitter Carlos Santana hit a three-run homer against left-handed reliever Dominic Mayza to help spark a six-run sixth inning. It was 8-5, and now things became interesting because once you got past Toronto’s All-Star closer Jordan Romano, the Mariners’ bullpen was much stronger.

The Blue Jays were obliged to use Romano in the eighth inning to go for a six-out save after the voracious Mariners pounced on reliever Brian Bass by hitting him for three runs to start the inning.

Romano allowed a hit that eventually led to a bases-loaded situation, but he responded by striking out the next two batters.

Instead, J.P. Crawford, a light hitter at shortstop, served a ball into shallow center field, where it was met by a defensive triangle. Bo Bichette and George Springer, two All-Stars, collided, and both dove desperately but came up empty.

Springer and Bichette stayed down for a while, and Springer eventually left the game. Cal Raleigh, Mitch Haniger, and Adam Frazier score a run each.

The 9th Inning

It was virtually inevitable that Frazier would provide the hit that sent them to Houston after Raleigh doubled to start the ninth, with his folk hero status in Seattle blowing up weekly.

The score is now 10-9, up from 8-1.

After the team’s regulars were stung by the comeback attempt, they turned to youngster George Kirby for his first career save. Okay, so you’ve wasted twenty years on failures and now have a huge hole to dig yourself out of; no big deal.

The Astros were on their way to Houston after three outs, where they would face Justin Verlander in Game 1 on Tuesday. Next week, T-Mobile Park will host an actual game instead of a viewing party.

It took quite some time. However, the unbelievable chain of events that led to this outcome could have made it all worthwhile.

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