Women’s All-White Clothing Rule Relaxed at Wimbledon

Women's All-White Clothing Rule Relaxed at Wimbledon

Last updated on November 20th, 2022 at 05:59 am

Wimbledon will relax its all-white clothing rule in the future. According to the rule change, women tennis players can now wear dark-colored undershorts.

The decision came after the competition, and its administrators were under increasing pressure to alleviate concerns about whether blood is visible on white garments worn by menstrual players.

According to PPH bookie sources, Wimbledon had a strict all-white clothing rule before Thursday’s revelation, established initially to hide perspiration stains.

All-White Clothing Rule at Wimbledon Relaxed

Women's All-White Clothing Rule Relaxed at WimbledonSeveral women, including former Olympic champion Monica Puig and Australian tennis star Daria Saville, have spoken out about the “emotional stress” imposed by the all-white clothing requirement, resulting in them skipping periods.

According to gambling software reviews and news sites, tennis legend Billie Jean King revealed that the attire requirement had caused concern for her and her fellow competitors.

According to King, the all-white attire restriction also makes it impossible for fans to discerning between players on the floor.

“There is nothing worse in sports than turning on the television and seeing two athletes wearing the same uniform or attire.” It’s dreadful. Nobody knows who is who.

“This is one of my pet peeves, and I’ve been ranting about it for years.” Have you ever seen a sport where everyone wears the same clothing on both sides?” She continued.

According to sportsbook pay per head sources, Wimbledon will be held from July 3 through July 16 in 2023.

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