Chinese Nationals Left Cambodia after Online Gambling Ban

Last updated on March 31st, 2020 at 08:29 pm

Chinese Nationals Left Cambodia after Online Gambling BanThe Cambodian Ministry of Interior estimated that around 120,000 Chinese nationals left Cambodia after the government issued an online gambling ban. Since the implementation of the ban, around 6,000 Chinese nationals were leaving the country daily.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen issued the online gambling ban two weeks ago. He ordered his administration to stop issuing online gambling licenses. Also, the government will not create new gambling policies.

Prime Minister Hun Sen told the best bookie pay per head that some foreign criminals use online gambling to extort and cheat money from victims, both local and overseas. As a result, the country’s public order, security, and social order were affected.

Chinese Nationals Left Cambodia in Thousands

Sportsbook PPH service providers learned that the government will not renew existing licenses. Since they have a period of one year, then online gambling in Cambodia will be totally eradicated by August 2020. That’s when all the existing licenses will expire.

Chinese nationals dominated the online gambling industry in Cambodia. In addition, gangs started preying local and mainland Chinese nationals. They run illegal gambling dens in Sihanoukville province and other parts of the nation, according to sportsbook pay per head software news.

In recent gambling news, local police arrested 12 Chinese nationals for kidnapping over casino debt. They were charged with kidnapping three people after they failed to pay gambling debts. Also, the victims were from China.

While Chinese tourists and investors are still going to Cambodia at around 5,000 each day. However, the number of leaving is too much. According to reports, Chinese nationals in Poipet decreased significantly in recent weeks. Most of them crossed the border going to Thailand.

Aside from the online gambling ban, the Minister of Labor signed an order that prohibits foreigners from working in ten job categories. Some of these jobs include taxi drivers, street vendors, shoe shiners, and goldsmiths, just to name a few.