Lawmakers Introduced Mississippi Online Sports Betting Bills

Lawmakers Introduced Mississippi Online Sports Betting Bills

Last updated on January 27th, 2024 at 09:31 am

Mississippi legalized sports betting in 2018 after the US Supreme Court repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. However, the state limited online sports wagering via sportsbooks used within land-based casinos. Thus, lawmakers have filed Mississippi online sports betting bills to allow players to wager on sports wherever they might be.

Lawmakers Cedric Burnett (HB271) and Jay McKnight (HB635) attempt to alter that by legalizing sports betting in the state using mobile devices, regardless of whether the bettor is at a casino.

According to bookie pay per head experts, the governor signed House Bill 606 into law last year. Also, it marked the sixth effort to bring online sports betting to the state. The law gives a sports betting task committee in Mississippi the authority to thoroughly examine sports betting in the Magnolia State.

At its inception, the measure had considerably broader intentions to enable all land-based casinos in the state to form partnerships with online sportsbooks. However, its scope was drastically reduced in committee.

Mississippi Online Sports Betting Bills

Lawmakers Introduced Mississippi Online Sports Betting BillsOnly Alabama, out of the four states bordering Mississippi, has not decriminalized internet sports betting. In 2020, online sports betting was made legal in Tennessee, and in 2022, it was also legalized in Arkansas and Louisiana.

After a poor close to 2023, internet wagering would greatly benefit Mississippi’s sports betting business. Mississippi’s December handling was $48.9 million, a decrease of 34.3% from $74.4 million in December 2022. The expenditure in November 2023 was $62.4 million, a decrease of 21.6%.

During the same period, sales dropped 56.6% to $4.9m compared to December 2022. Nonetheless, that income total was up 58.1% compared to the previous month’s haul. According to pay per head sportsbook experts, players had a 10% win rate.

Mississippians flock to coastal casinos, wager $31.6 million, and earn $2.4 million annually. According to gambling solutions experts, players wagered $14.5 million on American football. On the other hand, they wagered $7.7 million on basketball.

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