Scientific Games Will Divest Bookie and Lottery Businesses to Focus on Digital

Gaming giant Scientific Games will divest bookie and lottery divisions. That way, it can focus its resources on its digital business. The divestment plan came after its Board of Directors did a strategic review. Their goal is to optimize the company’s portfolio.

According to the best sports betting software provider, Scientific Games is also considering other ways of divesting each business. It includes combining them in a special purpose acquisition, combining them with another business, or an initial public offering.

Jamie Odell, Scientific Games Chair, said that their goal is to deleverage the balance sheet. Also, they want to unlock the value of the firm’s technologies and products. They also want to deliver better returns to investors.

Scientific Games Will Divest Bookie and Lottery Businesses

Scientific Games Will Divest Bookie and Lottery Businesses to Focus on DigitalThe company made some initiatives to achieve its key objectives. According to the best bookie software, Scientific Games want to recognize the value in their businesses. As a result, they can position the firm for more sustainable growth. Also, it was due to their team’s dedicated work.

Their goal is to optimize their portfolio and improve the balance sheet. Also, Scientific Games want to target investments within their most significant growth opportunities. The steps they took will turn the company into a content provider focusing on digital and land-based markets.

Scientific Games has been building games that took the industry to the next level. Also, they supported the best operators across the planet. They did so by capitalizing on the high growth potential of each business. Along the way, they unlocked value for customers, employees, and shareholders.

At the end of the process, the new Scientific Games will be the leader in gaming, online gaming, and SciPlay businesses. Their goal is to allow players to play games whenever and wherever they want to play. They want to be the top cross-platform firm in the future. If you want to learn how to become a bookie in three easy steps, Scientific Games can’t help you. Open a Sportsbook with