Ohio Bookie Sports Betting Bill Tweaked as Progress Remained Slow

Ohio Bookie Sports Betting Bill Tweaked as Progress Remained Slow

Last updated on May 15th, 2021 at 05:17 pm

Lawmakers clarified that casinos could apply for a retail sportsbook under the amended Ohio bookie sports betting bill. The state gaming committee approved the latest changes in the legislation. However, the bill’s progress remained slow.

People who want to know how to be a successful bookie with a pay per head need to wait longer for legal sports betting in Ohio. Once the bill passes, Ohio would have the largest retail and online betting markets in the nation. Also, it would continue the spread of sports wagering in the Midwest. At present, West Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania allow mobile betting.

If the Ohio bookie sports betting bill becomes law, all 11 racinos and casinos will qualify for an online license. Also, existing casino operators and their partners would offer the first sportsbooks in the state.

Ohio Bookie Sports Betting Bill

Ohio Bookie Sports Betting Bill Tweaked as Progress Remained SlowAccording to gambling industry experts, the twenty online license holders can also have an unlimited number of sportsbook parts. Thus, Ohio would become the first uncapped online sports betting market in the US.

The bill allows non-gaming businesses to qualify for an online license if they have a substantial presence in the state. According to bookie pay per head sources, a company such as Ford Motor could apply for a permit under that provision.

It remains to be seen if companies would grab the opportunity to run sportsbooks in Ohio. The bill’s proponents believed that the provision would spread legal sports betting away from physical gaming facilities.

The 11 casinos and racinos will receive retail sports betting licenses. Also, other businesses can apply for one. Many small companies lobbied for access to the market, which the supporters of the bill granted.

The Casino Control Commission would supervise the sportsbooks, both retail and online. Also, the commission will be in charge of awarding the licenses.

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