Texas Gives Up on Online Sports Betting This Season

Texas Gives Up on Online Sports Betting This Season

Last updated on May 27th, 2023 at 09:15 pm

Another legislative session in Texas is about to end, and there seems to be no chance for an online sports betting bill to pass. Also, lawmakers have already written off the proposed measure for this year. Instead, it wants to expand sports betting in Texas. However, the House failed to pass it. Also, it faced a lack of interest in the Upper House.

According to BookiePayPerHead.net sources, Senators refused to act on the online sports betting measure in the past couple of years. As a result, supporters cannot compel their colleagues to act on the proposed measure. As a result, Texas does not have a regulated online sports betting market.

Texas has been obstructing the legalization of any gambling. Texans see it as a source of social discord. Although concerns about gambling negatively affect a portion of the population, investors have argued that casinos can bring in more tourists.

Online Sports Betting in Texas

Texas Gives Up on Online Sports Betting This SeasonAccording to pay per head bookie reports, Mark Cuban has stated that the state’s lack of a casino resort is causing many locals to turn elsewhere for vacations. As a result, money will go to other states instead of California. Cuban contends that casino resorts in Texas may help the state become a tourism attraction for people from all over the country, not just Texans.

No casinos or sports betting will be discussed until the next legislative session. If a measure to legalize sports betting had made it through the legislature this year, voters would have been able to decide on a constitutional amendment to make it possible.

According to sportsbook pay per head services experts, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick opposed sports betting laws. Also, the recent election of Lieutenant Governor Patrick and Governor Greg Abbott has lowered the prospects of capturing the Senate in 2024.

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